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About Us

Moving forward with innovation, Smith-Root leverages emerging technology and more than a half-century of industry leadership to produce top-quality solutions for aquatic ecosystem management.

Smith-Root's commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in its entrepreneurial spirit and an unmatched standard of craftsmanship. We are an employee-owned company that manufactures our product line in the U.S.A. and delivers world-class service to our customers.


Our History

Smith-Root was founded by Dave Smith and Lee Root, in Seattle, Washington in 1964 and was incorporated in 1969. In 1972 David Smith purchased Lee Root's stock and the company relocated to Vancouver, Washington. Presently, with over 45 employees under the dynamic management team led by Jeff Smith, President and CEO, our employee owned company continues to grow. With Jeff Smith's integrity, innovative ideas and determination he has opened many doors leading the company into a new era of diversified opportunities.

Today, because of the response and perceived need for fisheries research we put our main focus on fisheries investigation products. We currently produce a full line of electrofishing and field research equipment and maintain a significant manufacturing facility on site.

Smith-Root's future looks very bright! In over 40 years of existence, we have established ourselves as the world leader in fisheries conservation equipment. With the heightened public awareness of threatened fish survival and the listing of endangered species we feel we are in the right place at the right time.

Executive Profiles

Jeff Smith President
Lee Carstensen Vice President of Electrical Engineering
Kerry Smith Vice President of Technical Support
Katherine Harper Director of Operations
Carl Burger Senior Scientist
Curtis Kirkham Controller
Rick Crump Production Engineer
Barbara Stern Contract Officer
Martin O’Farrell Ph.D. European Business