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Smith-Root is the exclusive reseller of Biomeme field-portable DNA detection for aquatic species

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Environmental DNA sampling made easy with the Smith-Root ANDe™ system

Available Spring 2017

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Purify DNA from filters or swab samples using patented Biomeme extraction

Produces comparable DNA yield to spin column kits in 2 minutes

Screen aquaculture fish for harmful pathogens. Detect rare or invasive species in the environment

Our hand-held qPCR unit can display results as presence/absence or DNA quantity

Species detection results automatically uploaded to your personal data portal

Coordinate multiple field crews out sampling with Biomeme devices and view the detection results in real-time from headquarters

Port your qPCR assay into the Biomeme platform for field use

Have you developed your own qPCR test for an aquatic species or pathogen? Contact us to learn about our developer program

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