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The eDNA sampling system designed for fisheries scientists

  • eDNA filtration system with sensor feedback
  • Uses single-use preloaded filter housings
  • Wrist mounted wireless pump controller (optional)

Patent Pending

The ANDe™ is the world's first purpose-built, aquatic eDNA sampling system. The system is designed for filtering larger volumes of water compared to current methods, reducing risk of contamination among sampling sites, and expediting sampling duration. The main components of the system are a backpack pump system with sensor feedback, an extension pole for sampling without entering water, and single-use, pre-loaded filters. An optional wrist-mounted wireless controller is also available.

Backpack eDNA pump system with sensor feedback and dry-bag for consumables storage.

Includes telescoping carbon fiber pole extension (up to 12 feet) with remote pump controller and support bipod.

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Sampling Uses

Point Sampling

No need to enter water
Minimize potential DNA contamination

Continuous Sampling

Pump maintains constant flow rate
Sample represents entire transect