Electrofishing Solutions

Smith-Root designs and builds a complete family of electrofishing solutions. Backpack, shore-based, or boat mounted, we can supply the electrofisher equipment you need in the field.

"We are very happy with our recent purchase, the unit has been designed and engineered in a very professional way, it has user friendly settings and more importantly fish capture is very smooth. We would fully recommend the LR-24 from Smith-Root and are looking forward to using it throughout this survey season."

Richard Alexander McMullan
Director & Principal Scientist, EcoFish Consultants

$500 Trade-In Credit

Trade-in any used electrofisher, working or not, from any manufacturer and receive a $500 credit toward the purchase of a new Smith-Root electrofisher. Call our Sales Department at 1-360-573-0202 for complete details.

SALES: 1-360-573-0202

Why Choose Smith-Root?

  • Designed and built in the USA by Smith-Root engineers and technicians
  • Global sales offices
  • Over 40 years of experience manufacturing electrofishers
  • World's first and only ETL-listed electrofisher
  • Full-time staff of repair technicians
  • Lifetime technical support

Backpack Electrofishers

LR-24 Backpack Electrofisher
2800W peak output, ETL-listed. The world's most advanced and safest electrofisher.
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LR-20B Backpack Electrofisher
2600W peak output, battery powered. Per Watt, the world's most affordable electrofisher.
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Fish Handling Gloves

Electric Fish Handling Gloves
Temporarily Immobilize Fish for Easy Handling
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Shore Electrofishers

GPP Electrofishers
Field-proven electrofishers powered by custom-wound generators for optimal output.
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VVP-15B Electrofisher
Features constant and pulsed DC output. Powered by a standard 5000W generator.
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Type VI-A Electrofisher
Heavy-duty 5kW electrofisher for use in low to medium-high conductivity waters.
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1.5kVA Electrofisher
Economically priced, medium powered electrofisher for use with your own generator.
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Electrofisher Tote Barge
Get your shore-model electrofisher off the shore and into the action.
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Electrofishing Boats

Smith-Root electrofishing boats are purpose-built and arrive ready to electrofish, with integrated electrofisher and power generation equipment. Learn more about the full lineup →

H-Model Electrofishing Boat
Our standard flat-bottomed aluminum boat designed for light to medium-duty electrofishing operations in shallow water. Available in hull lengths of 14' to 18'.
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EH-Model Electrofishing Boat
Rugged V-hull boat designed for heavy-duty electrofishing operations in rough water conditions. Available in 18' to 21' hull lengths.
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E-Model Electrofishing Boat
Our basic electrofishing boat that can be quickly and easily converted into a general purpose workboat. Available in 16' and 18' hull lengths.
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Electrofishing Cataraft
Inflatable pontoon electrofishing craft designed for shallow and white-water work.
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Free Electrofishing and Safety Training

Receive free electrofishing and safety training when you purchase a LR-24 or LR-20B Backpack Electrofisher.

It's important to have the the proper training when using the most advanced electrofishing equipment in the industry. That's why we're offering free training with the purchase of each Smith-Root backpack electrofisher.
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Need a Backpack or Shore Electrofisher for Only a Week or Month? Try Our Rental Service.

Whether you need additional units for a large project or temporary work, Smith-Root's electrofisher rental service can help. We offer several popular models for weekly or monthly rental terms. Plus, rental fees can be credited toward the purchase of new equipment.

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