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  • Company News
  • Posted February 19, 2017

Field Kits for Environmental DNA and Fish Pathogen Detection Now Available!

Smith-Root and Biomeme are happy to announce the release of eleven species-specific assays developed for use with Biomeme’s two3™ handheld qPCR device. The eleven assays were developed with input from leading environmental DNA practitioners and fish health professionals. All assays were…

  • Company News
  • Posted February 14, 2017

Smith-Root Making a Splash in Aquaculture

Smith-Root has an established history in developing and manufacturing electrofishing equipment for aquatic resource management. Relying heavily on 50 years of experience developing electrofishing technologies that comprise a majority of Smith-Root’s business, the company has recently…

  • Company News
  • Posted February 02, 2017

Sacramento Electrofishing Training

The 7 year drought in California has come to an end. Despite near record precipitation, Southern California still has a huge need to import large volumes of water from Northern California. Several government agencies and private companies are responsible for not only transferring water in…

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  • Company News
  • Posted January 26, 2017

Kiwi Electrofishing Class

Fisheries research plays an integral role in the conservation of native New Zealand fish and the management of New Zealand sportfish. Patrick Cooney, Smith-Root’s Director of Electrofishing Science, instructed two electrofishing courses in New Zealand in December 2016 with overwhelming…

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  • Company News
  • Posted January 04, 2017

New Fish Guidance System Commissioned in Italy

In December 2016, Smith-Root commissioned a downstream fish guidance system at the Franciolini Power Plant, a run-of-the-river hydropower facility on Fiume Ecino in the Province of Ancona, Italy. ENEL SpA operates the power plant and retained Smith-Root to direct downstream-migrating trout…