Company News - on March 4, 2014

Answers From the Biologist: Wader Question

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Clients and users of electrofishing technology often consult with Smith-Root for questions about equipment and settings. Our Ask the Biologist website provision was established for this purpose. Because other users may have similar needs and questions, here is a sample of one recent query and our response: Question:Do you know of a durable pair of non-breathable waders? We have been using Cabela’s Three Forks Waders for several years, but we have recently noticed a decline in...

Company News - on February 11, 2014

50 Years of Smith-Root


2014 will mark the 50th year that Smith-Root has partnered with research scientists in the conservation of fisheries. Dave Smith and Lee Root had an advanced understanding of electronics while at the University of Washington in Seattle in the early 1960s. They were in the process of developing map digitizers to aid in the evaluation of timber acreage across the Pacific Northwest when a fish biologist approached them about a concept they had heard of in Europe: Electro-Fishing. By...

Company News - on October 31, 2013

France Goes Boom Boating


French fisheries scientists working for CRNS (French Scientific National Center for Scientific Research) at the Evolution and Biological Diversity Laboratory based at the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse recently took delivery of a Smith-Root electrofisher, manufactured in Vancouver, Washington, USA. The boat was obtained through collaboration with UFBAG (Southwest France Angling Federation) and was immediately put to use studying the ecosystem functioning of lakes formed from...

Company News - on October 28, 2013

Upcoming Winter Deal: 10% Repair and Re-certification Discount


The ice will be setting in before you know it, and your electrofishing equipment (and backs) will get a rest from the grind of the field season. Our fabricators not only build your equipment on site in Vancouver, Washington, but they also service, repair, and re-certify your equipment to get you back out in the field quickly. Send in your equipment between November 2013 and February 2014 and we will take 10% off all repair parts and labor. Our quick turnaround time will have your...

Company News - on October 21, 2013

Introduction to Electrofishing and Safety Principles Class

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Do you want to learn the principles of electrofishing and how to safely lead a crew in the field? Come take a class from our highly experienced Smith-Root biologists in Vancouver, Washington where you will not only gain valuable classroom knowledge, but you will also be provided the opportunity to reinforce learned skills in a field day. Should you have a staff of folks looking to be trained, give us a call and we can discuss sending one of our instructors to your location! ...