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  • Posted November 29, 2016

Smith-Root Assesses Salmon Barotrauma During Pier Demolition

On the weekends of October 15th and 29th 2016, Smith-Root partnered with Environmental Science Associates (ESA) to provide expertise in barotrauma assessment in 1,200 juvenile Chinook Salmon exposed to the demolition of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Pier E4 and E5. Having conducted…

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  • Posted September 22, 2016

Evaluating New Electro-immobilization Settings to Enhance Fish Welfare

Applying electricity to water to immobilize fish and other aquatic organisms (i.e., electrofishing) has been carried out for well over a century; however, there remains a significant amount of knowledge to be learned. Electrofishing science is a dynamic, interdisciplinary field that at…

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  • Posted September 12, 2016

Smith-Root’s eDNA Product Line on Display at AFWA 106th Annual Meeting

Come see Smith-Root’s new environmental DNA product line at the 106th annual meeting of Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies in Philadelphia September 11-14, 2016. This annual event provides a forum for conservation leadership and brings together more than 700 leaders from fish and…

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  • Posted September 01, 2016

Time Lapse Video: Kansas City AFS Conference 2016

  Can you find yourself? We compressed Sunday through Wednesday of the 2016 Kansas City American Fisheries Society Conference tradeshow down to a few minutes with our time lapse camera. Over the course of this video, hundreds of presentations and posters were presented, countless…

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  • Posted August 21, 2016

Biomeme and Smith-Root Partnership Offers On-site DNA Detection for Fisheries Scientists

Have you ever wished you could simply take a sample of water from a stream and know if an invasive species is present? How about the ability to use a simple, on-site swab test to determine if fish in your aquaculture facility are sick? Here at Smith-Root we share your vision, and it’s the…