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  • Posted September 22, 2016

Evaluating New Electro-immobilization Settings to Enhance Fish Welfare

Applying electricity to water to immobilize fish and other aquatic organisms (i.e., electrofishing) has been carried out for well over a century; however, there remains a significant amount of knowledge to be learned. Electrofishing science is a dynamic, interdisciplinary field that at minimum comprises physics, engineering, biology, and physiology. In practice, the effectiveness of electrofishing is further complicated by a variety of compounding factors: Environmental water…

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  • Posted September 12, 2016

Smith-Root’s eDNA Product Line on Display at AFWA 106th Annual Meeting

Come see Smith-Root’s new environmental DNA product line at the 106th annual meeting of Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies in Philadelphia September 11-14, 2016. This annual event provides a forum for conservation leadership and brings together more than 700 leaders from fish and wildlife agencies and conservation groups from all 50 states, U.S. Territories, Canada and Mexico in order to discuss conservation policy and management issues and accomplishments. Attendees include key…

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  • Posted September 01, 2016

Time Lapse Video: Kansas City AFS Conference 2016

  Can you find yourself? We compressed Sunday through Wednesday of the 2016 Kansas City American Fisheries Society Conference tradeshow down to a few minutes with our time lapse camera. Over the course of this video, hundreds of presentations and posters were presented, countless friendships and professional collaborations were forged, heaps of barbeque and invasive carp tacos were consumed, and new technologies were discovered. We hope you got your picture taken as a Superhero…

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  • Posted August 21, 2016

Biomeme and Smith-Root Partnership Offers On-site DNA Detection for Fisheries Scientists

Have you ever wished you could simply take a sample of water from a stream and know if an invasive species is present? How about the ability to use a simple, on-site swab test to determine if fish in your aquaculture facility are sick? Here at Smith-Root we share your vision, and it’s the reason why we joined forces with a fantastic new company, Biomeme. Biomeme has developed the world’s smallest and most portable DNA detector (a quantitative PCR machine), operated via a simple…

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  • Posted July 25, 2016

Electrofishing Theory and Practice: Australia Training Day

Everyone understands the importance of training and practice in the use of technical equipment — right? Similarly, with proper training and practice, electrofishing equipment is used to safely sample fish populations in surface waterbodies throughout the world for scientific study and fisheries management purposes. A wide variety of electrofishing equipment is available (battery powered backpacks and generator powered systems operated from shore, tote barges, and boats) from Smith-Root.…