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  • Posted Monday, March 19, 2012

Introducing the New Lightweight Smart Battery™

Get lighter!  Spend more time electrofishing, less time charging and a much easier time carrying your gear (compared to units having lead-acid batteries).

Our new lithium-iron phosphate Smart Battery™ is half the weight of our standard lead-acid battery and has a much higher recharge cycle capacity! This new lithium-iron battery also has a Battery Management System that monitors key operational parameters during charging and discharging (such as voltage, current, internal and ambient temperature).

Compare costs between old lead-acid and new lithium-iron batteries:
Lead-Acid: ~ 200 cycles before failure at a cost of $1.92/cycle.
Lithium-Iron:  Rated at ~ 2000 cycles before failure at a cost of 0.58¢ /cycle.


  • Ultra-light:  It’s just one-half the weight of our standard lead-acid battery!
  • Increased service life over lead-acid batteries
  • Compatible with all 24V Smith-Root electrofishers and chargers
  • Super-fast recharge rate
  • Improved safety:  No explosive gasses during charge (no lead and no acid!)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance:  No periodic discharge is needed; there is no memory

To celebrate the release of our new Smart Battery™, Smith-Root is offering an introductory price of $995.00 until December 31, 2012.  Or, why not trade in your current lead-acid battery for a $327.00 credit towards the purchase of a Smart Battery™? Trade-in credit is applied towards the regular Smart Battery™ price of $1,150.00.  Call us today at (360) 573-0202 for trade-in details.

Learn more about the new Smart Battery™.


About Smith-Root

Founded in 1964, Smith-Root has long been a respected member of the aquatic resource conservation community. We have supplied fish researchers, managers and hatchery personnel with quality fisheries sampling technologies and products over several decades. With on-site manufacturing facilities, Smith-Root produces a full-line of electrofishing, fish guidance, and electrosedation equipment to aid in fish restoration and recovery operations in various aquatic settings.