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  • Posted Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recap: Fish Passage 2012

Smith-Root staff recently attended the National Conference on Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage at UMass Amherst (June 4-7, 2012) as both a presenter and an exhibitor.  Science Department Head Carl Burger gave a presentation in the Fish Passage Technology Track entitled “Graduated-Field, Pulsed DC Fish Guidance Technology:  Successes, Challenges and New Concepts” (download abstract).  Co-authored by John Parkin (PE), Martin O’Farrell (PhD) from Smith-Root Europe, and Aaron Murphy (PE), their presentation reviewed and focused on evaluations of Graduated-Field Fish Barriers published in the peer-reviewed fisheries literature by independent scientists from academia and agencies.  The paper also presented several innovative concepts for downstream fish guidance, one of the highest current priorities among fisheries administrators and hydropower sector engineers.  Download Carl’s UMass presentation.

The UMass Conference (also called “Fish Passage 2012”) drew some 350 registrants from all corners of the globe.  Attendees from other countries numbered 29 and represented 8 nations.  A highlight of the conference was a tour of the USGS Conte Anadromous Fish Research Laboratory in Turner’s Falls, MA to view their novel flumes and fish passage test facilities.

Smith-Root staff enjoyed many opportunities to meet with potential partners from a host of fisheries engineering and hydropower sectors to explore strategies and designs to help solve fish passage issues with non-lethal guidance technology.  We look forward to additional dialogue with scientists and engineers from the USGS Conte Fish Research Labs, Alden Labs, Blue Leaf Environmental Consultants, and others.

Umass fish conference

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