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  • Posted Friday, August 03, 2012

Smith-Root Europe Presents at SOLVE 2012

Dr Martin O’Farrell of Smith-Root Europe recently attended a conference in Vanersborg, Sweden on “The State of Lake Vanern Ecosystem” — SOLVE2012 (www.vanern2012.se). Colleagues from Smith-Root Inc., NINA, Norway and the Directorate for Nature Research, Norway co-authored the presentation entitled “Graduated Field Fish Barriers: last line of defence against invasive fish species and their associated fauna in Europe and North America”.  The conference programme and abstracts are available on www.vanersborg.se/solve.

Lake Vanern is the largest lake in the European Union. Presentations were made on all aspects of the lake’s limnology and ecology. A paper on the landlocked Atlantic salmon (Gullspang) of the lake was also presented by Dr Eva Bergman, University of Karlstad. Dr Bergman will join other Swedish and Norwegian colleagues on a visit to the Pacific North West in September 2012 where they will be hosted by Smith-Root during part of their study tour of hydroelectric/fishery management installations on the Columbia and nearby rivers.

The largest tributary of Lake Vanern is the international river Trysil/Klaralven which fuels hydroelectric stations in Norway(2) and in Sweden (9). Smith-Root has been commissioned by Dr Jon Museth, NINA, Lillehammer to prepare a feasibility report on the application of Smith-Root electric fish guidance technology in the interception and collection of downstream migrating Atlantic salmon smolt and kelt at Sagnafossen and Lutufallet hydroelectric stations on the Trysil River.


Posted by John Gielen on Friday, August 03, 2012 in Company News

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