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Laboratory Sedation System

Counter-Top Electrosedation

The Laboratory Sedation System provides a superior chemical-free method of performing fish sedation that is both highly effective and efficient.

The Laboratory Sedation System consists of a specially designed tank and control unit engineered to deliver an electrical field to induce sedation. The system can be used to induce a state of sedation sufficient to perform procedures such as fin clipping, gamete collection, sorting, measurements, etc. The LSS offers adjustable settings to account for fish size and the desired duration of sedation.

Touch Screen

The Laboratory Sedation System's touch screen allows for complete touch control of operational settings including: Voltage, Duty Cycle, Waveform, Dosage Time, and Frequency. Frequently used settings can be saved and recalled with a touch of the onscreen buttons.


The Laboratory Sedation System offers advanced electro-sedation waveform technology that eliminates the need for chemicals. Induction and recovery times are reduced and chemical handling issues are eliminated.

Portable Power

The Laboratory Sedation System can be powered by either wall-power or by the internal rechargeable battery. The internal battery can provide a full day's charge depending on output settings.


The Laboratory Sedation System is equipped with safety contacts to only allow the delivery of an electric field in the tank when the clear lid is in place, ensuring lab personnel safety.

Additional Features

  • Ability to store and protect up to 3 user defined settings
  • USB port for downloading setting history
  • Built-in circuit breaker protection
  • Attached handle/stand

Scientists at the Zebrafish International Resource Center at University of Oregon use the Smith-Root Laboratory Sedation System to temporarily sedate a female zebrafish to harvest eggs. Sperm from an electro-sedated male is subsequently added for successful fertilization.

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Laboratory Sedation System Technical Specifications
Output Voltage 60 to 100V in 1V increments
Output Frequency 10 to 150Hz in 5Hz increments
Duty Cycle 1 to 100% in 1% increments
Dose Duration 1 to 60 seconds in 1 second increments
Waveforms Pulsed DC, Bipolar Toggle, Bipolar Alternate
Conductivity 1 to 999 µS in 1 µS increments (user entered)
Temperature 0 to 40° C (user entered)
Output Current 100mA max
Output Power 10W max
Output Voltage Display 0 to 100V in 0.1V increments
Output Current Display 0.2 to 10.0mA in 0.1mA increments
Output Power Display 0.1 to 10.0W in 0.1W increments
Size and Weight Height: 7.5 in.
Width: 11.375 in.
Depth: 11.75 in.
Weight: 9.5 lb.
Battery 12V Rechargeable
Battery Charger 12V 2A 3 step charge control with current detection
Battery Charger Size and Weight Height: 1.44 in.
Width: 2.64 in.
Depth: 4.22 in.
Weight: .55 lb.

Specifications subject to change without notice.