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PES Portable Electrosedation System

Portable, Chemical-Free Sedation

Specifically designed for use on warm and cool-water species. Provides quick sedation using no chemical treatments eliminating disposal and fish stock holding requirements.

The PES™ is a rugged, fully portable fish electrosedation system for use in field and culture settings.

The Portable Electroanesthesia System (PES™) is used to render fish unconscious and insensible quickly, without use of chemical anesthetics. The system is portable to facilitate handling and tagging activities in the field, aboard boats and ships, and aquaculture, hatchery, and other research settings.

Developed by Smith-Root, the patented PES™ is an effective tool for achieving chemical-free sedation in multiple locations and situations by the aquatic science community. Fish are quickly anesthetized, either individually or in batches, and, since the PES™ uses no chemicals and requires no withdrawal time, fish can be immediately released when research-related procedures are completed.

The system consists of two primary components, the battery-operated power conditioner and the exposure tank. The power conditioner provides direct current (DC) or pulsed direct current (PDC). The system is programmable, allowing the selection of the type of electric current used, the level of application, a dose-timer, and delivery of the dose in one or two stages.

Being a self-contained, rechargeable system, the PES™ can be used at any field location accessible by foot, boat or vehicle including hatchery raceways. User-selected settings determine the length of time fish remain anesthetized, making this system versatile enough to use with many different aquatic organisms over a range of water conductivities. Built to last by a well-established electrofisher manufacturer, customers can be assured the PES™ will provide chemical-free anesthesia in diverse science settings over many years of use.

PES Demonstration Video