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1.5kVA Electrofisher

The 1.5kVA is an economically priced, medium powered electrofisher for use with your own generator. It is designed to handle moderately soft to relatively hard waters. Its light weight and small size make it ideal for shore-side operations.



The 1.5kVA offers selectable AC (at 60Hz) or pulsed DC (at 120Hz) output.

The 1.5kVA electrofisher can be powered by any 120 volt AC generator rated at 2000W or greater.


Input and output circuit protection is by circuit breakers.


The 1.5kVA electrofisher features an aluminum enclosure with a reinforced base and an integrated cord wrap.

Technical Specifications

Conductivity 20 to 1,500 ┬ÁS/cm
Rated Output Power 1,700W
Output Pulse Modes Pulsed AC & DC
DC Output Peak 0 to 560V
AC Output RMS 0 to 400V
Output Frequency, AC 60Hz AC
Pulsed Frequency, DC 120 PPS
Output Current Metering AC & DC 0 to 10A
High Voltage Output Indicator Panel lamp & audio tone
Output and Safety Control Foot switch & panel switch
Seconds Timer Display 0 to 999,999 Mechanical
Cooling Method Convection
Output Connectors MS Circular with 15 in. cable
Input Voltage 120VAC 60Hz
Size and Weight Height: 10.5 in.
Width: 8.75 in.
Length: 16.75 in.
Weight: 39 lb.
Generator Requirements 1800W 60Hz 120VAC

Specifications subject to change without notice.