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Electrofishing Boats

Imitated. Never Duplicated.
Smith-Root is the leading manufacturer of electrofishing boats in the world.

Heavy Duty Series Electrofishing Boat

The most widely used boat electrofisher in the world made with a custom designed and manufactured hull from Smith-Root's very own boat shop. Ideal for long field days on lakes and rivers. Plenty of storage, stability, and space to get the job done.

Features & Specifications

Extra Heavy Duty Series Electrofishing Boat

The most robust electrofisher ever made, period. The heavy duty hull will provide any scientist with a work platform that will last a career. Ideal for scientists on long field days on large rivers and reservoirs. Large storage compartments, incredible stability, and work space designed for large field crews.

Features & Specifications

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Cataraft Electrofisher

Incredibly sturdy inflatable boat that is ideal for fast moving rivers. This boat is ideal for folks looking to work in the tailraces of dams or on larger rivers with moving water.

Features & Specifications

E-Cat Light-Duty Cataraft

Oar locks give the biologist a true workout while navigating streams that are inaccessible to motorized vessels. Portable assembly can be reassembled at streams edge from the bed of a pickup truck.

Features & Specifications