E-Cat Light-Duty Cataraft

The E-Cat Light-Duty Cataraft is intended for electrofishing in small rivers and streams and other waterways where a full-sized boat is impractical. It is designed for easy portability and can be disassembled and carried to locations that would be impossible with a trailered boat and can easily be re-assembled at streamside.

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No Boat Launch Needed

Designed for easy portability and assembly, the E-Cat can be carried to locations that would be impossible to access with a traditional trailered electrofishing boat.

Powerful Electrofisher

Equipped with an Apex Electrofisher and powered by a gas generator, the E-Cat will effectively electrofish in most waters. Includes connectors for arrays and optional hand-held electrodes.

Built To Last

Portability doesn't mean sacrificing durability. The E-Cat's pontoons are constructed of heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant Pennel Orca© material. Aluminum frame, work deck, and railing will provide years of service.

Fully Equipped, Ready To Fish

The E-Cat comes standard with electrofisher, generator, telescoping booms, cathode, and electrode arrays — everything needed to start electrofishing immediately.