The most widely used boat electrofisher in the world made with a custom designed and manufactured hull from Smith-Root's very own boat shop. Ideal for long field days on lakes and rivers. Plenty of storage, stability, and space to get the job done. Available in hull lengths of 14 ft, 16 ft, and 18 ft.

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Field-Tested Design

The Heavy Duty Series Electrofishing Boats are the world's most widely used electrofishing boat. Over 30 years of improvements based on customer feedback have created the most popular boat on the market.

Just Launch and Electrofish

Purpose built for electrofishing, all models come fully equipped and ready for fieldwork. Apex Electrofisher, generator, electrode arrays, and booms are all standard on the Heavy Duty Series.

Go Where the Fish Are

With a custom designed shallow-draft hull, the Heavy Duty Series puts you on the fish in those hard-to-reach nearshore habitats.

The Apex Electrofisher built-in to every Smith-Root electrofishing boat is the most versatile electrofisher in the world because it incorporates the widest range of electrical inputs and outputs. This provides utility across diverse environmental conditions and a broad range of fish sizes and species. Additionally, the Apex Electrofisher is the only electrofisher in the world that records electrical inputs and outputs, along with GPS location, date, and time for every second of electrofishing. Integrated USB interface allows for rapid downloading of collected data as well as loading of new software and firmware. The Apex provides unparalleled safety, standardization, cost reductions, and reporting of electrofishing efforts and research.