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Type VI-A Electrofisher

The Smith-Root Type VI-A is a heavy-duty 5kW electrofisher for use with your own generator. It is designed for use in large bodies of water or in low to medium-high conductivity waters.



The Type VI-A offers selectable AC (at 60Hz) or pulsed DC (at 60Hz or 120Hz) output.

The Type VI-A electrofisher can be powered by any 240 volt AC generator (optional 120VAC input available).


Input circuit protection is by magnetic-hydraulic circuit breaker, and the output circuit protection is by a fast-acting fuse. Electrofisher power transformer isolated for safety.

Both foot and hand switch must be simultaneously activated for power output.


The Type VI-A is housed in a rugged, splash-proof aluminum case with a glass windowed top for closed-lid operation.

Technical Specifications

Conductivity 10 to 1000 ┬ÁS/cm
Rated Output Power 5kW, AC and DC
Rated Output Max. Current 10A
Output Pulse Modes Pulsed AC and DC
DC Output Peak 0 to 1000V in 167V steps
AC Output RMS 0 to 707V in 117V steps
Output Frequency, AC 60Hz
Pulse Frequency, DC 60 or 120 PPS
Output Current Metering AC & DC 0 to 10A
High Voltage Output Indicator Panel lamp and audio tone
Output and Safety Control Foot switch and panel switch
Seconds Timer Display 0 to 999,999 Mechanical
Cooling Method Fan Cooled
Output Connectors MS Circular with 15 in. cable
Input Voltage 240VAC 60Hz (optional 120VAC)
Size and Weight Height: 20 in.
Width: 15.5 in.
Depth: 10.5 in.
Weight: 75 lb.

Specifications subject to change without notice.