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VVP-15B Electrofisher

The Variable Voltage Pulsator Electrofisher Model VVP-15B is a Smith-Root electrofisher that is based on the electrical output waveforms of the Coffelt VVP-15 and MK-22 units.


Great care has been taken to improve upon the original designs of the VVP-15 and MK-22. This updated electrofisher provides almost identical control features and metering to allow consistency with previous samplings. Higher efficiency is an added benefit of our generation B, allowing increased samples with less wear and tear on equipment. Input and output connectors remain the same as the original Coffelt design to aid in integration into existing boat and shore systems.


Meters are used to monitor input and output voltage and output current. Crystal controlled time bases are used to insure accuracy of selected output pulse frequencies, duty cycles and the output seconds timer.


Red and green panel lamps show power output status. An automatic electronic circuit breaker will disconnect the output when the unit is overloaded, and automatically reset after a time delay. A toggle switch type circuit breaker provides input protection.


The VVP-15B Electrofisher is powered by a standard 5000W generator. Compatible generators are required to have an unbonded or floating neutral.

Technical Specifications

Conductivity Range 50 - 4,000 ┬ÁS/cm
Input Voltage 240VAC 60Hz Single Phase with Isolated Neutral
Output Voltages Constant DC: 0 - 600V
Pulsed DC: 0 - 600V Rectangular Pulse 5 to 120 PPS at 10% to 80% Duty Cycle
CPS 3 Pulse: 0 - 600V Burst of 3 Pulses at 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 & 120 Per Second
CPS 6 Pulse: 0 - 600V Burst of 6 Pulses at 15
Output Power 10,000W Peak 4,500W Average
Rated Output Max. Current 20A DC, 23A AC
Output Pulse Modes AC, DC, Rect. Wave DC, Rect. Wave Burst DC
DC Output Peak 0 - 600V
AC Output RMS 0 - 240V
Output Pulse Frequency Incremented 5 - 120Hz
Input Voltage 240VAC Floating Neutral
Output Current Metering AC & DC 0 - 25A
Output Indicator Red and green panel lamp show power output status
Output and Safety Control Supplied with remote safety switch, which controls solid-state output switches and an output relay, which opens the output circuit
Seconds Timer Display 0 - 999,999 LCD
Cooling Method Fan Cooled
Generator Requirements 5000W to reach maximum rated output. Generators of a lower power rating can be used, however maximum output power will be limited. Generator must have unbonded neutral. Standard plug twist lock 4-pin plug designed for 220V 30A, NEMA # L14-30P
Output Connectors MS Circular
Size and Weight Height: 11.125 in.
Width: 11 in.
Length: 18 in.
Weight: 28 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notice.