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Electrofishing class in the field: Training on Blue Lagoon, Salamander Bay, NSW, Australia
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  • Posted Monday, July 25, 2016

Electrofishing Theory and Practice: Australia Training Day

Everyone understands the importance of training and practice in the use of technical equipment — right?

Similarly, with proper training and practice, electrofishing equipment is used to safely sample fish populations in surface waterbodies throughout the world for scientific study and fisheries management purposes.

A wide variety of electrofishing equipment is available (battery powered backpacks and generator powered systems operated from shore, tote barges, and boats) from Smith-Root. Selection of equipment is based on waterbody characteristics and project objectives.

The bathymetric properties of a waterbody represent one side of the knowledge coin so to speak. Equally important is an understanding of how ambient water conductivity (µS/cm), water temperature, and target fish species can help users get the best out of their equipment, in terms of fish capture success, and also operate the equipment in a safe manner for operators and for fish. Smith-Root's electrofishing equipment is highly technical but surprisingly user friendly when properly understood. As we know, knowledge is power, and if you do not have a good understanding of your equipment and of your electrofishing theory — you will not get the best out of your equipment or out of yourself. The questions we receive on 'Ask the Expert' encourage us, as manufacturers, to support your enthusiasm for a better knowledge and understanding of our electrofishing products and technology.

Electrofishing training courses are available in many parts of the world and these courses are provided by experts. Smith-Root's Director of Electrofishing Science, Patrick Cooney, is in Australia right now (July 2016) providing electrofishing theory and practice classes to fisheries personnel.

On Skype, Patrick advised us that "We had a very successful class session yesterday in Soldiers Point, New South Wales, Australia, just down the street from where our Australian reseller, Soldiers Point Marine Centre, is located. We had a full house at the class with fisheries personnel from Hobart, Tasmania (far south), Melbourne, Victoria, Sydney, New South Wales, all the way through to Cairns, Queensland (far north). They had great questions on electrofishing theory and safe practice - from a user and fish perspective."

Greg and Jennifer Busch, Authorized Smith-Root resellers for Australia and New Zealand, co-organized the electrofishing training course with Patrick.

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Founded in 1964, Smith-Root has long been a respected member of the aquatic resource conservation community. We have supplied fish researchers, managers and hatchery personnel with quality fisheries sampling technologies and products over several decades. With on-site manufacturing facilities, Smith-Root produces a full-line of electrofishing, fish guidance, and electrosedation equipment to aid in fish restoration and recovery operations in various aquatic settings.