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Fish Harvesting

Humane Fish Harvester

The Humane Fish Harvester is a new, innovative technology. Fish are pumped through its series of plastic tubes for instant electrosedation and slaughter.

Fish Sorting

Smith-Root's electrosedation technology offers chemical free sedation for fish of all sizes. Whether your application is in the field, laboratory, or a fish processing facility, we provide expertise and patented technology to quickly and inexpensively sedate fish individually or in batches. Electrosedation provides short induction times, is fully adjustable to achieve desired depth of sedation, and allows for immediate release of fish, eliminating the mandated holding period associated with drug induced sedation. Save time, reduce cost, and achieve compliance with Smith-Root's electrosedation technology.

Fish Counting

Smith-Root fish counting systems are used at hatcheries and major river systems throughout North America as well as many other locations around the world. Our fish counters include the following features: auto-balance circuitry, stabilized amplification and detection systems; versatile power requirements using battery, AC or solar power operation, weather resistant cases, optional video recording and data logging equipment. Smith-Root fish counters give the versatility, accuracy and reliability needed by today's fisheries researcher.