Tote Barge

If you work in streams that are wadeable but still too large for backpack electrofishers, the tote barge is your solution. This small barge can be easily maneuvered through a stream by wading biologists, yet includes a fully adjustable electrofisher, up to three anode poles, and livewell for fish transport.

Durable Design

The SR-7 features a one-piece plastic hull design with formed bottom ridges provides a stable platform to hold your electrofisher and generator. A shock-absorbing generator mounting plate provides secure installation of the generator and engine. Mounting brackets specific for your electrofisher are pre-mounted inside the barge along with the junction box required to safely connect your anode poles and cathode. Stainless steel cathode plates are mounted on the hull bottom and pre-wired to the junction box. The Tote Barge also includes a removable insulated plastic holding tank with approximately 18 gallons of holding capacity.


An insulated push-handle is provided across the stern for maneuvering the barge and includes a safety switch where output power is automatically shut off when one or both handles are released.

Tote Barge Specifications

Material Polyethylene
Length 7 ft.
Beam 38 in.
Transom Height 12 in.
Compatible Electrofishers 2.5 GPP Electrofisher
5.0 GPP Electrofisher
VVP-15B Electrofisher
Type VI-A Electrofisher
1.5kVA Electrofisher
Weight (Approx.) w/2.5 GPP: 250 lb.
w/5.0 GPP: 275 lb.
w/Type VI-A: 325 lb.
w/1.5kVA: 284 lb.
w/VVP-15B: 283 lb.
Displacement (@ 80 lb./in.) w/2.5 GPP: 3 1/8 in.
w/5.0 GPP: 3 1/2 in.
w/Type VI-A: 4 in.
w/1.5kVA: 3 1/2 in.
w/VVP-15B: 3 1/2in.
Max. Payload 300 lb.

Specifications subject to change without notice.