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Smith-Root designs and builds a complete family of electrofishing solutions. Backpack, shore-based, or boat mounted, we can supply the electrofisher equipment you need in the field.

Backpack Electrofishers

Apex Backpack Electrofisher

Standardized output and real-time data collection. The world's most advanced electrofisher.

LR-24 Backpack Electrofisher

2800W peak output, ETL-listed. Over a decade field-tested performance.

LR-20B Backpack Electrofisher

2600W peak output, battery powered. Per Watt, the world's most affordable electrofisher.

Free Training

Receive a voucher for an individual to attend our Electrofishing Principles and Safety certification course at our Vancouver location with the purchase of any Apex, LR-24, or LR-20B Backpack Electrofisher.

Fish Handling Gloves

Electric Fish Handling Gloves

Temporarily immobilize fish for easy handling.

Shore Electrofishers

GPP Electrofishers

Field-proven electrofishers powered by custom-wound generators for optimal output.

VVP-15B Electrofisher

Features constant and pulsed DC output. Powered by a standard 5000W generator.

Type VI-A Electrofisher

Heavy-duty 5kW electrofisher for use in low to medium-high conductivity waters.

1.5kVA Electrofisher

Economically priced, medium powered electrofisher for use with your own generator.

Electrofisher Tote Barge

Get your shore-model electrofisher off the shore and into the action.

Electrofishing Boats

Smith-Root produces a complete line of electrofishing boats purpose-built and ready to electrofish, with integrated electrofisher and power generation equipment.

H-Model Electrofishing Boat

Our standard flat-bottomed aluminum boat designed for light to medium-duty electrofishing operations in shallow water. Available in hull lengths of 14' to 18'.

EH-Model Electrofishing Boat

Rugged V-hull boat designed for heavy-duty electrofishing operations in rough water conditions. Available in 18' to 21' hull lengths.

Electrofishing Cataraft

Inflatable pontoon electrofishing craft designed for shallow and white-water work.

E-Cat Light-Duty Cataraft

Portable cataraft intended for electrofishing in small rivers and streams and other waterways where a full-sized boat is impractical.

"We are very happy with our recent purchase, the unit has been designed and engineered in a very professional way, it has user friendly settings and more importantly fish capture is very smooth. We would fully recommend the LR-24 from Smith-Root and are looking forward to using it throughout this survey season."

Richard Alexander McMullan
Director & Principal Scientist, EcoFish Consultants

Why Choose Smith-Root?

  • Designed and built in the USA by Smith-Root engineers and technicians
  • Global sales offices
  • Over 40 years of experience manufacturing electrofishers
  • World's first and only ETL-listed electrofisher
  • Full-time staff of repair technicians
  • Lifetime technical support

$500 Trade-In Credit

Trade-in any used electrofisher, working or not, from any manufacturer and receive a $500 credit toward the purchase of a new Smith-Root electrofisher. Call our Sales Department at 1-360-573-0202 for complete details.

Need a Backpack or Shore Electrofisher for Only a Week or Month? Try Our Rental Service.

Whether you need additional units for a large project or temporary work, Smith-Root's electrofisher rental service can help. We offer several popular models for weekly or monthly rental terms. Plus, rental fees can be credited toward the purchase of new equipment.