Smith-Root is the leading provider of Electrofishing Certification in the world, and a free enrollment for a class at our headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, USA, is included with the purchase of any of our backpack electrofishers. Our Certified Fisheries Professional instructor has taught this course around the globe, and Smith-Root is honored to educate people on the safe and effective use of electrofishing equipment.

Class Offerings

Electrofishing Principles and Safety Certification

Electrofishing is an important tool for scientists to collect a range of fishery data such as species composition, population estimates, and growth rates. Without training, improper techniques and settings can bias results and be injurious to both humans and fish. This two day course is offered at our Vancouver, Washington headquarters and by special arrangement at alternate sites.

Environmental DNA Field Sampling Techniques New

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is rapidly becoming an industry-standard method, and the number of researchers using eDNA is growing exponentially. In this one day course you'll learn proper techniques and methods to collect reliable eDNA data. Course is offered at our Vancouver, Washington headquarters.