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Have a question about choosing the right electrofisher? Want to know the best settings for your target species? If you can't find the answer on our site, then Ask the Experts. Use the form below and get a personalized expert answer.

This form is for communicating with a Smith-Root scientist. Our scientists know a lot about electrofishing settings, equipment selection, and trouble-shooting in the field. If you have an accounting or sales question, please feel free to contact info@smith-root.com.

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  • Patrick Cooney, Certified Fisheries Scientist

    Director of Electrofishing Science | Communications Director

    Patrick Cooney is a Certified Fisheries Scientist with global fisheries research experience. Patrick’s research sites include the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, desert pools in Mexico, the largest lake in Guatemala, tidal pools in the Bahamas, the Everglades in Florida, warmwater streams in Puerto Rico, salmon aquaculture facilities in California, and coldwater streams in the mountains of North Carolina, all with diverse fish communities.

    At Smith-Root, Patrick is responsible for understanding the research needs and scientific equipment demands of aquatic scientists. Relying on two decades of fisheries research and electrofishing experience, he provides expertise to fisheries scientists who utilize technology to complete their research objectives. Further, he certifies hundreds of scientists each year while instructing Electrofishing Training courses around the globe. The fundamentals of the class focus on proper deployment of electrofishing equipment to meet research objectives while ensuring personnel and aquatic organism safety. Patrick also develops and field tests Smith-Root products while leading the electrofishing product development team.

    Patrick has a M.S. in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from University of Florida and a B.S. in Biology and Marine Science from University of Miami. Patrick enjoys hiking in the Columbia River Gorge and writing for the website he co-founded (TheFisheriesBlog.com).

  • Jake Ponce

    Technical Sales Associate | Biologist

    Jake Ponce has over eight years of environmental science work and four years of fisheries research and data collection work throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Jake’s experiences with geotechnical testing, habitat surveying, hazardous materials management and fisheries research bring diverse scientific skills to the Smith-Root science and field research team.

    At Smith-Root, Jake is responsible for providing technical advice regarding the use of technology to meet our customer’s needs and project goals.

    Jake holds a B.S. in Biology (emphasis in Fisheries) and Environmental Science from Eastern Washington University and is currently pursuing graduate studies at Oregon State University.