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Easy to use controls

Quickly configure your electrofisher and get to work.

Select an output frequency from pre-defined increments and duty cycle for complete control. Straight DC output and gated burst output are also selectable.

LCD display

See real-time status of your electrofishing effort

Waveform settings
Output voltage
Output current
Fuel gauge style battery status
Electrofishing output time
Electrofisher internal temperature


Operator safety is a primary concern in the design of Smith-Root electrofishers. Tilt sensor, water immersion sensor, and cover open sensor will automatically shutdown the electrofisher. A power output audio alarm and flashing light let all members of the collection crew know the electrofisher is active.

Packframe and Suspension

Adjustable suspension harness and packframe can be customized to fit most people. Quick release latches allow the LR-20B to be removed quickly if the operator falls or becomes injured.


The LR-20B uses the same electrode, cathode, and battery connectors as the LR-24 and Apex backpack electrofishers. This will increase your flexibility in large field operations and increases the versatility of your inventory of electrofishers.

LR-20B Electrofisher Specifications

Output Power 400W continuous, 39,600W peak
Output Voltage 50 to 990V in 11 steps (50 to 400V in 50V steps, 500V, 700V, 990V)
Output Frequency 10 to 120Hz in 16 steps (10 to 50Hz in 5Hz steps, 50 to 120Hz in 10Hz steps)
Duty Cycle 5 to 50% in 5% steps, 60 to 80% in 10% steps, Gated Burst 2 pulse, Gated Burst 3 pulse, DC
Overload Protection Automatic electronic and 40A safety fuse, High output current, Output voltage out of regulation, Over temperature
Safety Features Emergency shut off switch, Output active super-high brightness red LED, Output active audio alarm, Output off immersion sensor, Output off tilt sensor, High output current protection, Pole mounted output control switch, Electrode out-of-water shut down sensor, Non-conductive lightweight pack frame, Quick release harness
Timer 6 digit computer controlled seconds counter
Metering Mean current, Peak output voltage, Average output power, Battery voltage, Battery current, Battery fuel gauge, Timer
Battery Choice of 24V lithium or lead-acid batteries
Size and Weight Height: 21 in.
Width: 15 in.
Depth: 9 in.
Weight: 17.8 lb. (8.07 kg) without battery or accessories

Specifications subject to change without notice.