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Heavy Duty Series

Electrofishing Boat
The most widely used boat electrofisher in the world made with a custom designed and manufactured hull from Smith-Root's very own boat shop. Ideal for long field days on lakes and rivers. Plenty of storage, stability, and space to get the job done.

Our best-selling flat-bottomed aluminum boat designed for light to medium-duty electrofishing operations in shallow water. Available in hull lengths of 14 ft, 16 ft, and 18 ft.

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Field-Tested Design

The Heavy Duty Series Electrofishing Boats are the world's most widely used electrofishing boat. Over 30 years of improvements based on customer feedback have created the most popular boat on the market.

Just Launch and Electrofish

Purpose built for electrofishing, all models come fully equipped and ready for fieldwork. GPP Electrofisher, generator, electrode arrays, and booms are all standard on the Heavy Duty Series.

Go Where the Fish Are

With a custom designed shallow-draft hull, the Heavy Duty Series puts you on the fish in those hard-to-reach nearshore habitats.

  • Electrofisher
    • Choice of 5.0, 7.5. or 9.0 GPP Electrofisher
    • Powered by onboard generator
    • Adjustable front mounted insulated boat booms for electrodes
    • Two SAA-6 electrode arrays
    • Integrated cathode array
    • Integrated foot switches in bow work deck and operator's console
    • Plug-in receptacle for additional foot switches
  • Console
    • Steering wheel
    • Integrated electrofisher controls
    • Patch panel for configuring electrofisher electrodes and cathode
    • Center console w/shatterproof windshield
    • Side-mounted outboard controls
    • Fuel gauge
    • 12 VDC accessory power plugs
    • Hours meter
    • Depth finder
    • Voltmeter
    • Battery selector switch
    • Heavy-duty canvas console cover
    • Courtesy lighting
  • Livewell System
    • All-aluminum construction
    • High volume fresh water pump
    • Secondary aeration pump
    • Interior lighting
    • Reinforced tank lids
  • Electrical
    • Custom-wound generator for powering electrofisher
    • Two marine batteries charged by generator
    • Battery selector switch
    • Independent outboard motor battery
  • Comfort and Safety
    • Flotation meets or exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements
    • Dri-deck mat covered work deck
    • Integral LED navigation lights
    • Integral work deck lights
    • Adjustable LED work lights
    • Adjustable head lights
    • Adjustable stern lights
    • EPA-compliant fuel system
    • Dual electric horns
    • Noise deadening generator engine housing
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Research vessel hull badges
  • Construction and Exterior
    • 0.125 5052 marine grade aluminum hull
    • All-welded construction
    • Hard machine-rivets at critical rib support points
    • Extruded chine overlays double welded bottom seams
    • Pressed-in corrugations for structural strength and tracking
    • All-aluminum box-beam transom
    • Aluminum skinned, foam-filled interior side walls
  • Interior
    • Baked-on powder-coat finish for durability
    • Large raised bow work deck with safety railing
    • Tie-downs for securing nets and poles
    • Diamond-plate deck
    • Adjustable operator's seat
    • Courtesy lighting
    • Battery storage compartment
    • Lighted storage compartment under work deck
  • Functional
    • Built-in fuel tanks
    • Marine fuel filter
    • Fittings for supplemental fuel tanks
    • Bilge pump
SR-14H SR-16H SR-18H
Hull Style Heavy Duty Sled Heavy Duty Sled Heavy Duty Sled
Length 14 ft. - 6 in. 16 ft. - 8 in. 18 ft.
Beam 80 in. 80 in. 80 in.
Side Height 28 in. 28 in. 28 in.
Transom Height 25 in. 25 in. 25 in.
Aluminum Gauge 0.125 in. Bottom, 0.10 in. Side 0.125 in. Bottom, 0.10 in. Side 0.125 in. Bottom, 0.10 in. Side
Weight (1) 1,475 lb. 1,950 lb. 2,080 lb.
Draft (2) 5 in. (401 lb./in.) 5 in. (468 lb./in.) 5 in. (506 lb./in.)
Max. Payload (3) 1,320 lb. 1,485 lb. 1,650 lb.
Livewell Capacity 47 gal. 63 gal. 74 gal.
Prop HP Max. (4) 50 HP 75 HP 90 HP
Jet HP Recommended 80 HP 100 HP 150 HP
Twin Engine HP 25 HP 30 HP 40 HP
Fuel Capacity 30 gal. 30 gal. 30 gal.

(1) Weight with 5.0 GPP Electrofisher.
(2) Draft with 5.0 GPP Electrofisher.
(3) Maximum payload (person,motor, gear) includes 12" water in fish holding tank.
(4) Four stroke motor with remote controls.
Smith-Root recommends that motors rated higher than 30 HP have variable ratio oiler and power trim and tilt. All motors require remote control. Customer supplied motor will incur an installation charge.
Specifications subject to change without notice.