EA-1000B Electrosedation System

Batch Electrosedation for Hatcheries

The EA-1000B allows large numbers of fish to be quickly and inexpensively anesthetized without the use of chemicals. This technology allows the immediate release of sedated fish with no mandated withdrawal period.

Electrosedation as a technique for processing large numbers of fish offers a viable alternative to the use of chemicals. It is safe, fast, effective, and inexpensive to use - as compared to labor intensive handling protocols.

The EA-1000B Electrosedation System offers the operator the chance to select just the right settings to achieve the desired outcome in a safe, humane, and non-injurious way. Fish are rendered unconscious almost immediately as the specially modified electric current passes through the water in a custom-designed tank. The depth of sedation can be light (lasting less than a minute) or deep (several minutes) depending on the processing time desired by the operator. It is also possible to quickly and humanely euthanize fish once settings appropriate for local water conditions have been determined. Studies have shown that salmon can be successfully anesthetized multiple times without any detectable injuries or effects on gamete quality. Also, for fish destined for commercial markets, proper settings can ensure the highest quality fillets.

Our staff of mechanical and electrical engineers, biologists, and expert sales personnel can ensure a custom design that will meet your needs. Our automated technology can save you time and money!

An electrosedation system consists of an EA-1000B control unit, input and output power cables, activation switch, custom designed electrodes and custom designed fiberglass tank. The control unit can be operated from any standard electrical supply around the world, or with a generator. Custom-designed tanks, electrodes, and lift systems can be developed for new or existing fish processing and production programs.

Typical EA-1000B hatchery installation

EA-1000B Hatchery Installations