Okoboji Lake

This barrier is a mechanism to block Asian carp from gaining passage into the Iowa Great Lakes.
  • Location: Milford, Iowa
  • Commissioned: 2013
  • Type: Waterway

Project description

Through coordination with the United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) and Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Smith-Root has designed this barrier to perform hydraulically superior minimizing erosion, sediment transportation, friction losses or gains and most importantly, containing the 1:500 year flood event.

Smith-Root has implemented a safety management and educational plan in conjunction with Iowa DNR. This will act as a new approach to electric fish barrier awareness. Okoboji Lake Electric Fish Barrier will provide visitors an insight into the requirements for such a device to keep the Iowa Great Lakes free of Asian carp. The site has a small parking area with warning signs and educational boards (kiosk) with opportunity for people to overlook the barrier.


Services provided

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Construction Management

Site characteristics

  • Pulsators: 1.5kVA POW
  • Pulsator Qty: 7
  • Power Output: 10.5kW max.
  • Water Depth: 3.2 feet
  • Waterway Width: 165 feet
  • Water Velocity: 0-1.1 m/s
  • Conductivity: 350 µs/cm