Rainey Creek

Smith-Root provided the electronics for this barrier to divert migrating fish into a side trap for sorting.
  • Location: Swan Valley, Idaho
  • Commissioned: 2011
  • Type: Waterway

Project description

Following the success of the Palisades Creek and Pine Creek barriers, Idaho Fish and Game designed a third barrier for Rainey Creek in the same area. Its purpose is to divert all fish into a side trap so that non-native rainbow trout can be separated from the native cutthroat. Unlike the earlier two barriers, Rainey Creek Barrier is an entirely new structure located on a slow-flowing flood plain.

There are six U-shaped steel flat bar electrodes in grooves in the deck and side walls.

Services provided

  • Review of Idaho Fish and Game concept drawings
  • Supply of electronics
  • Consulting on discrepancies between theoretical and measured fields

Site characteristics

  • Pulsators: 1.5kVA POW
  • Pulsator Qty: 3
  • Power Output: 4.5 kW max.
  • Water Depth: 4 feet
  • Waterway Width: 36 feet
  • Water Velocity: 1 ft./s max.
  • Conductivity: 115 µs/cm max.