GPP Retirement Party

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Smith-Root Staff
Tuesday, December 10, 2019

In 1981, Smith-Root announced in the American Fisheries Society Fisheries Bulletin the very first model of the Generator Powered Pulsator, or more commonly called the GPP. It is with both sadness and excitement that we announce the retirement of the amazing GPPs.

Over the last 38 years, GPP electrofishers provided you with the capability and confidence to conduct your critically important aquatic resource management and conservation research. Subsequently, we anticipate that many of you will continue to use GPP electrofishers for years to come because of the quality of craftsmanship you expect from us at Smith-Root.

Thousands were manufactured, thousands of scientific studies were conducted, millions of fish captured, and countless hours were spent with the GPP as your trusted partner in the field.

Please know that although we are retiring GPP electrofishers, we still service and repair GPP electrofisher control boxes. If you would like a spare part or generator, please contact us so that we can provide those to you while supplies last.

For those looking for a new electrofisher, or one to replace a GPP, Smith-Root is excited to offer the Apex Control Box. This electrofisher offers more, all while costing less!

Apex Electrofisher Control Box

You asked for a more advanced electrofisher with data tracking, GPS, timer alarms, reporting of peak and average electrical outputs, and independent control of duty cycle, frequency, and voltage.

The Apex Control Box is the most versatile electrofisher available. It provides the widest range of electrofishing settings and provides flexibility of working with over-the-counter generators for use on any platform, including a tote barge, inflatable raft, a large electrofishing boat, or from shore. Additionally, the GPP output waveform can still be utilized on the Apex in the low range of voltage, maximizing your ability to maintain standardization with your previously conducted research.

Smith-Root is also retiring the following:

Additionally, Smith-Root is no longer servicing any version of Model 11, Model 12, or Model 15 backpack electrofishers.