Video: “Restoring Native Fish”

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Patrick Cooney
Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Restoring native fish in creeks and rivers in the Grand Canyon is a top priority for National Park Service Management and the National Park Fisheries program.

Native fish that are found in the Grand Canyon, like the humpback chub, have become endangered for a multitude of reasons, most notably the introduction of non-native brown trout. Fisheries biologists have chosen to use Smith-Root LR-20B backpack electrofishers to monitor and assess fish populations and also remove non-native trout that live in streams and creeks in the Grand Canyon. During the initial year of the Trout Reduction Project in lower Bright Angel Creek, biologists removed 594 brown trout and 454 rainbow trout by electrofishing, estimated to be between 55% and 89% of the trout that were present!

Check out this excellent video showing their most recent efforts to restore and enhance the native fish community in the Grand Canyon.