Port of Astoria

  • Location: Astoria, Oregon
  • Commissioned: 2016
  • Type: Dock Deterrence System

Project description

A demonstration dock deterrence system was installed on P Float of the Port of Astoria East Mooring Basin in the summer of 2016. This 30-foot long system protects one of the fingers of the float that is a frequent haul-out spot for dozens of sea lions annually. The system is fully independent of shore power; it is run on a 12-volt battery that is recharged by a small solar panel.

The system was installed and in use when commercial fishing boats moored at P Float in July and August 2016. The boat operators and their customers and guests used the dock and the finger with the dock deterrence system installed without problems or disruptions to their business.

Upon their return to the East Mooring Basin in the late summer of 2016, the California sea lions occupied the main dock of P Float and all the fingers except for one with the dock deterrence system installed. The system has proven to be a safe, non-injurious, and effective means to deter California sea lions from hauling out and resting on the dock.