When you can’t be there, eDNA Autosampler does the job Buy Now

Sometimes it’s not feasible to send a person out to collect eDNA samples, such as at night or when field staff are limited. That’s when you need a sampling robot! The Smith-Root Autosampler is the simplest and most affordable automated eDNA sampling system on the market. Capable of collecting up to 8 eDNA samples on a user-defined schedule.

eDNA Preservation Simplified

The secret to designing an efficient autosampler was the integration of self-preserving eDNA filters.

No liquid reagents
No cold storage
Pre-loaded filter packets
Fast and easy to replace

Take Samples on Your Schedule

Onboard display with user-friendly interface for scheduling autonomous collection of 8 eDNA filter samples.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Push-connect water fittings
Electronic manifold lift
12V battery or AC power
Weather-resistant enclosure
Swappable intake strainer

eDNA Autosampler Specifications