Equipment Repair Authorization

Completing this form before sending your equipment in for repair will speed up the repair process and aid in returning your equipment quickly.

After you have submitted the completed form, you will have an opportunity to print a copy for your records and a copy will be emailed to you at the address you supply below.

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Return Shipping Address

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Tell Us About The Equipment And Accessories You Are Sending

Please list each piece of equipment and any accessories you are sending for repair. Please include serial number where applicable.
EquipmentSerial Number 
When do you anticipate shipping the equipment to Smith-Root?
Provide any information you have on the potential cause of disrepair. Increased details reduce the time spent diagnosing the problem leading to reduced repair costs for you.

Repair Instructions

Would you like a pre-repair estimate or would you like Smith-Root to proceed with repairs immediately upon receiving the equipment. A minimum of one hour labor will be charged on all repairs or inspections.