How do I clean my electrofisher electrode ring?

Smith-Root Staff December 08, 2019

To insure proper operation of your electrofisher, the surface of the anode ring must be conductive. In normal operation it may become anodized and non-conductive, this condition is dependent on electrofisher settings used, type of ions in water, and length of time exposed.

Mechanical removal is the preferred cleaning method. To clean use a Scotch-Brite pad and rub the surface of the ring until it shines. It is sometimes helpful to use an abrasive cleaner with the pad. Wire brushes and some chemical cleaning solutions will also work.

A simple test with an ohm meter or conductivity tester will tell you if a problem exists. You should be able to lightly touch the ring in any two places and show continuity between them. If poking, rubbing or pressing hard with the test probes is required, there is a problem and the ring should be cleaned.