How do I place a tax-exempt order with Smith-Root?

Smith-Root Staff December 08, 2019

Provide proof of tax-exempt status

Smith-Root charges sales tax on orders shipped to Washington State addresses. To remove the sales tax from your order, provide Smith-Root Sales with a resale or exemption certificate from Washington State.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) oversees federal taxes. Sales tax is regulated by individual states. All orders are subject to tax unless proof of tax-exempt status is provided. Letters from the IRS do not qualify as proof of tax-exempt status.

Smith-Root accepts the following as proof of tax-exempt status:

  • Resale certificates
  • Multijurisdiction exemption certificate
  • Individual state exemption certificate
  • Exempt organization certificate
  • Direct pay permits
  • Manufacturing pay permits
  • Government tax-exempt credit card

Placing a tax-exempt order by mail, phone, or fax

You must inform Smith-Root Sales of your tax-exempt status prior to placing an order to validate your exempt status. If you are a government agency using an exempt credit card, please be sure to declare this on your mailed or faxed order. Smith-Root will refund tax for orders placed on the Store for exempt customers or resale orders. Please contact Smith-Root Sales and provide proof of tax-exempt status after placing order online.

Send purchase orders and credit card orders to the following address:

16603 NE 50th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98686

Place orders by phone with Smith-Root Sales at 1-360-573-0202.
Fax your credit card and purchase orders to 1-360-573-2064.