How do I properly dispose of used electrofishing equipment?

Smith-Root Staff December 08, 2019

Smith-Root encourages our customers to recycle used electrofishing equipment no longer in service. The enclosure and pack board of many electrofishers are made of aluminum or plastic. Electrodes are made of aluminum and stainless steel. The wires contain copper and the circuit board contain primarily plastic and copper, and most have small amounts of chromium, lead solder, nickel, and zinc. All of this material can be recycled. For assistance with recycling your used equipment contact your local recycler or waste disposal company. If they are unable to assist you they can usually direct you to a recycler that can. A short search of the internet will also provide a list of companies that can assist with recycling used equipment. One such internet recycling resource can be found at:

If you wish to disable your used electrofishing equipment before recycling it we recommend cutting the power leads off flush where they enter the electrofisher.

Batteries: The main batteries used with Smith-Root backpack electrofishers are sealed lead-acid gel-cell type batteries and can be recycled at most battery suppliers or by most waste disposal companies.

Tilt Switches: Smith-Root backpack electrofishers manufactured before January of 2006 contained a mercury safety tilt switch. Your recycler should be made aware of this so it can be properly recycled.