Company News - on October 2, 3360

Smith-Root’s New Home for Innovation

We at Smith-Root are excited about the location of our new building. Nestled amongst the rolling hills of Salmon Creek, the site enjoys incredible views of Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood that inspire us to seek ambitious goals, while nearby 100 year-old oak trees remind us that to stand the test of time, we must branch out and work with others. We look forward to the educational and research collaborations presented by our new facilities. To the south, our property is bordered by...

Company News - about 2 weeks ago

Who Can Put a Ford Truck Through the Harshest of Environments?


Ford Trucks asked all Australians: Who can put a Ford Truck through the harshest of environments? The winner: Terry Vallance, a fisheries scientist, was deemed the most extreme by a public vote because he tows electrofishing boats and backpack electrofishes with a Smith-Root LR-24 in remote Northern Queensland. Watch the video…are you as extreme when conducting your field work?

Company News - on July 21, 2014

VDGIF Backpack Electrofish the Conway River


Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Region 4 Aquatics biologist explain how they use Smith-Root backpack electrofishing to monitor brook trout populations in the Conway River.   Conway River Episode from VDGIF Region 4 Aquatics on Vimeo.

Company News - on June 26, 2014

Aquabotix ROVs Now Available From Smith-Root


Smith-Root has teamed with Aquabotix to bring a new and affordable venture in aquatic monitoring.  Whether it is monitoring water intake screens, fish attractors, or exploring for potential safety hazards before sending down a diver, we have the solution for you. Our Professional Series of underwater cameras offer three options that are distinct in their applications.  No matter the model for you and your crew, they all provide topside live HD video viewing and recording with...

Company News - on June 25, 2014

Exactly What Electrofishing Looks Like!

Safe image

Bassmaster does a nice job of featuring hard working biologists using Smith-Root equipment.