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  • Posted July 08, 2016

Smith-Root Helps to Understand Why Steelhead Aren’t Surviving in Puget Sound

Each spring, juvenile steelhead exit their natal rivers and move into the Puget Sound as part of their seaward migration toward the North Pacific Ocean. Once in the salt water, these young fish migrate rapidly through the inland waters of Washington State, some of them traveling hundreds of miles in a matter of weeks as they seek their offshore foraging grounds. Unfortunately, steelhead in the Puget Sound region have experienced a long term decline in survival during this critical outmigration...

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  • Posted June 22, 2016

Smith-Root and Natural Solutions Develop Innovative Technology

Smith-Root of Vancouver, Washington worked with Natural Solutions of Helena, Montana to develop an innovative fish guidance system that reduces mortality and entrainment of fish at high volume water intakes. The functionality of Smith-Root’s Graduated-Field Electric Barrier (GFEB) technology hybridized with Natural Solutions’ Flow Velocity Enhancement System (FVES) achieves the high levels of fish protection and guidance required by government regulations. Of particular note, the system...

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  • Posted June 21, 2016

New Book ‘Electricity in Fish Research and Management: theory and practice’ Now Available

Smith-Root’s UK representative Bill Beaumont has just published a book on the various uses of electricity in fisheries studies (W R C Beaumont, Electricity in Fish Research and Management: theory and practice, 2nd edition, published by Wiley Blackwell). Over the past 50 years, electric fishing has become a standard method for fisheries studies and management (e.g. establishing population densities and abundance). However, due to the potential hazards of the method (to both operators and...

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  • Posted May 02, 2016

Smith-Root Provides Community Outreach Help for Wild Fish Rescue Operation

In early April, 2016, Smith-Root staff assisted NW Wild Fish Rescue (Mr. Dave Brown and his volunteers) with the release of 2,000 wild Coho Salmon juveniles back into their home stream, Vancouver’s Salmon Creek. Smith-Root Senior Scientist, Carl Burger helped organize this event. Brown sought a good release location in upper Salmon Creek, one having good spawning gravels (for the expected future return of adults), and high-quality rearing habitat with cover for the pre-smolts released....

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  • Posted January 14, 2016

Invasive Carp Barrier Constructed in Southwest Minnesota

Illinois Lake is located near the town of Round Lake in Jackson County, a few miles north of the border with Iowa. The lake outlet flows southeast to the West Fork Little Sioux River. Invasive carp, including silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) and bighead carp (H. nobilis) are present in the Little Sioux River watershed. While Illinois Lake is not usually stocked with fish, it is connected at the surface to Round Lake, an important regional lake for fishing and recreation, and is...