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  • Company News
  • Posted February 14, 2019

Salmon & Trout Spawning and Biosecurity Workshop

Smith-Root scientists recently attended the Salmon & Trout Spawning and Biosecurity Workshop (Pendleton, OR) as well as the Northwest Fish Culture Conference (Portland, OR) to present exciting results from their recent publication in the Journal of Aquatic Animal Health. The study—led by…

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  • Company News
  • Posted February 13, 2019

Certifying Sapporo Salmon Scientists

Leading fish scientists and managers from Sapporo, Japan traveled to Smith-Root’s headquarters for a private Electrofishing Certification and Safety Course. Patrick Cooney, Director of Electrofishing Science, worked with a translator to stress the three important aspects of…

  • Company News
  • Posted November 20, 2018

Winter Discounts: Electrofishing Accessories and Repair/Service Labor

As fish lay down another annuli on their otolith and you wrap up your field season, the folks at Smith-Root want to start getting you ready for your next field season. From November through March, backpack electrofishing accessories are discounted 10% for all domestic sales. Additionally,…

  • Company News
  • Posted June 28, 2018

Electrofishing Certification Field Day

Electrofishing Certification Course, by the numbers: 17 fisheries professionals received certification 6 States of residence 10 entities (Represented by Federal, State, County, City, Tribal, Watershed Council, and Private Consulting Firm) 4 backpack electrofishers (Apex, LR-24, LR-20B,…

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  • Company News
  • Posted June 21, 2018

ANDe™ Hits the Field for Workshops!

The onset of warm weather and long summer days often marks the beginning of field season for many fisheries professionals. Research boats are abuzz on the water, biologists are wading through forest creeks, and field equipment are getting a workout. The beginning of field season also means…